Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Up for a Challenge (Time to Get Twisted Like a Pretzel.)

I first saw this tutorial back when it was posted in May and definitely thought it was interesting - but wasn't all too amped to get up and learn it. Moves that are more technical than flow-based usually have that effect on me, like, 'OH HEY WOW COOL....uh, I'll, uh... learn it.... later." But! Today I woke up ready to challenge myself and add something truly new to my hoop repertoire. 

It is also getting down to the last few classes I will be teaching at the very first location I ever taught hooping. Some of those ladies have been with me for years and I want to learn some 'wow factor' moves to leave them with for their self practice. Not that they couldn't scour youtube for inspiration - but it's always more fun to learn in class - at least you can ask the teacher to slow down and show ya some new angles!

Pretzel twist here we go! 

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