Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Photo Diary: Spray Paint, Striped Hoops & Sunny Places

I am not sure if I really enjoyed this weekend - or if it was all the fumes I inhaled that made everything seem fun. 

The hoop closet was cleared out and the ceiling repainted. No more indoor hoop sessions until September...

During a stroll to scout out the local yard sales I found the above pink and black hoop - and, though I have been trying to purge everything, and another hoop is probably about the last thing I 'need,' it was too great to pass up. It's almost as light as my poly pro and the sun faded pink is beautiful with the curling black stripes. I took it home and emptied out the nasty brown water circa 1992 when the poor thing was probably made, sanded the inside, reclosed it and viola (!) a lovely new hoop for the grand total of $0. 

Since we were in home repair mode, a trip to Lowes was inevitable. It almost felt weird leaving the store without any tubing, but, we did grab some spray paint and came home to make tumblr inspired art (because anything involving shady people resonates with me too much to ignore.) Again, the fumes wafted wildly through the air, convincing me that brilliance was about to strike. Hence,we painted an old bike frame and any other little goodies lying around just to see how it would look. Brilliance? Well, no - but certainly fun. 

The only way to come up with a great idea is to build from the mediocre ones. Or at least, that's what the fumes tell me. 


claudiahays said...

looks like mind-numbingly amazing weekend. (get it, 'mindnumbing', eh?)

how diameter is that old skool hoop? you need to rock that thing out via video. just letting ya know.

claudiahays said...

I'm so good with grammar. call me grammar mcguilikutty.

KymSpins said...

Oh, Grammar.. you are TOO good! It's 33" - too big? Yeah... but too beautiful to leave behind awww yeaaaaah!!

Jennifer Cowham said...

That vintage hoop is all sorts of awesome! Oh how I love interesting finds from the past. Can't wait to see it incorporated into a photo/video shoot, it is so very stylish.