Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Circular Constant

Do you ever feel like you are going crazy when you haven't hooped for awhile? Okay - full disclosure - I feel like I am going crazy most of the time, but it is much more pronounced when I am living sans hoop.  Yes, I think the exercise aspect of hooping impacts the sense of calm I have post spin session - but even when it is only 5-10 minutes I feel worlds better. My conclusion is that this sense of happiness is  from having the reminder that something that exists purely for joy does exist in life (or, in my life.)

So many 'happy' things come with side-effects that make them impermanent additions in life. Heck, even going to the gym (way back when) was something that was 'good' for me and made me happy, but eventually left me with swollen, sore knees and joints and, of course, that often felt gym boredom. I knew it wouldn't be forever. 

Particularly at this time in my life - at twenty five, when the future is confusing and ever pressing, and I feel undeniably grown up, yet not very good at it - it is a blessing to have one thing that I am assured will be a constant in my life. Yes, it's a hula-hoop - but it is something that assures me that I will move forever, be active and learning forever and be able to find a sense of peace within myself despite the rest of life. 

from a brief but oh-so therapeutic hoop session yesterday.

It seems clear that many, many new folks are stumbling into this hoop world of ours - and whether or 
not they will feel the way I do about it (or it will instead be a rather depressing 'thinspo' fad...grumble) remains to be seen, but I hope that it is. Finding constants in anything - people, places, interests, professions - is difficult. Being the control-happy young and confused gal I am, I am glad I found one. 


claudiahays said...

funny you should post this today - mayhaps it has something to do with our chat yesterday, but I so am in that same thought process today. having never felt a real connection with, uhm, most everything for so long - it's both scary and fucking amazing to have found it with a hula hoop.

makes me feel like I have a purpose, beyond the general getting a job and existing as an average citizen bull shit. happy to have someone who feels so similarly <3

KymSpins said...

i thought the same thing when I saw your post! I think the chat definitely contributed, yes. "Beyond the average" is a good way of thinking of it - captures it well I think. Agreed - like minds are a welcome and wonderful thing <3 <3 <3