Monday, September 12, 2011

Five Funny Hoop Headlines from the 1950's

It seems in the hoop's mid-century hey-day there was quite the controversy about our favorite plastic round. Flustering the Royalty and hospitalizing housewives, the hula-hoop made the page quite a few times - with chuckle producing results. Click on the headlines below for the full article. 

Spokane Daily Chronicle Sep 24th 1958

Sarasota Journal Oct 30th 1958

Toledo Blade March 30th 1959

The Sun March 21st 1959

Park City Daily News Oct 24th 1958 


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you could search old newspapers like that! Wow! That is brilliant. I love google.

KymSpins said...

i know! I just discovered it - and of course... had to search for hoop news.

Vanessa said...

These articles are awesome! I love that the robot is described as a "mechanical slave". LOL

KymSpins said...

How weird was that!? I could tell it was old just from the phrasing...

HoopBunny said...

Wow this awesome! I didn't know you could search old newspapers either, very cool :)

spin gypsy said...

"A hula is a hula"... "It seems to be what they want around here..."


"Sight of two pretty girls hula hooping in swim suitson the sunny deck of the royal yacht Britannia was just too agonizing for the 250 crew members far from home... hadn't had feminine company for seven weeks... so far away they had to watch through binoculars..."


These articles are hilarious!!


KymSpins said...

hahah thanks for the share! I know! I was cracking up - people were in such a flustered state after just seeing the ladies hoop it up. CAN'T IMAGINE what they would thing of the bikini tops and furry boots of more modern hoopers... haha