Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hooping To Morphine

Practicing this afternoon to Morphine's Super Sex.  I have filmed many practice sessions lately, but most have been the stop-and-start, pause and rewind, type sessions where I am attempting to perfect new moves. Hoop. Stop. Check move. Hoop. Stop.

It's great for learning, but it turns out crap videos. 

The thing that always eventually churns out a video I am happy with is just starting from the top - that is, going over as much as I know as a reminder that I know it. Yesterday I did this, starting with waist hooping, then chest, shoulder, knee, off-body, and into the more recent discoveries like tracing, folding, fish tail, etc, while trying to remember the chronology of what I learned and how it led to the next step. 

It was a great reminder of all that I can draw upon when I am moving. So often when rewatching videos I can see myself thinking, "what should I do next?" It's completely normal, of course, but it's also pretty flow busting (and cringe inducing.)

It's crazy how simple things like taking lots of warm up time can change this "huh" feeling. When I am really wanting a good session, I usually start with about 20 minutes of not-so-great hoop time where I focus on waist, chest, hip hooping and basic angles, just to get in the flow. I picked this up at Hoop Path, when Bax insisted on starting with these basics at every class. It's like "remembering" to stretch - it can feel annoying and tedious, but everything works out better in the long run when you just force yourself to start slow. 

What a lovely feeling. Particularly because in just 2 days I kiss this yard good-bye forever. The timing was perfect today though - I got a great session in, and just missed the rain.


Julianne said...

I love this video (especially the moves at 0:44 and 1:32! So cool, I want to run outside and try them :]) and what you have to say! I tend to start out with the basics out of habit and for fun, but recently I've felt stuck moving beyond them. Or connecting all the moves I've been practicing. So frustrating.

KymSpins said...


Yeah I know what you mean! There are times where I really think, 'okay, APPARENTLY, I can't hoop" because I feel so disconnected and disjointed in my movements. It always passes though. Go easy on yourself and know that it will all make sense again during one practice.

Something that I do a lot when I feel totally lost is take what I know and randomly spin, turn, or add a toss during a move. Sometimes it doesn't work out at all - but others it opens up a basic move into something much more. It can make things feel new again :) Lemme know if you try it!

Christina said...

Verrrrry nice, Kym! I like that song, and your hot pink hoop too. Smooth. :)