Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving Day Ramblings

Somehow, I swear, the number of hoops I have has multiplied. 

I am packing up all my belongings today, schlepping them to the car, and preparing for the real start of the moving process later tonight. There is never a good place for hoops during times like these. Which, is why I will be having a MONDO-SUPER-MEGA-GIANT sale at the West End Farmer's Market this weekend with ridiculous prices on new and used hoops. Please, if you are local - stop by! It's in Alexandria, VA and all the directions and contact info can be found HERE. This Sunday from 10-1pm. I'll be hooping to calm my sore muscles from tonight and tomorrow's heavy lifting. I feel sort of crazy working the market during the weekend of the move - but I plan on riding the momentum all the way until Monday evening. Whew!

... and this is BEFORE my friend drops off the 10 hoops I lent out last week. 

Seriously has everything changed so fast? 

It's strange, really. For over two years I had been teaching at the same place where I started my first hoop class.  We had our final meeting this past Tuesday. Though I do think it was time to end (most hoop teachers set up 6 week sessions... I had simply started teaching and not stopped for... two years...), I'll admit that I got a bit misty eyed when I was driving away. It was my first real hoop opportunity and things would never have gone the way they did without it. I met so many wonderful, wonderful students and watched them go from novice's to hoop masters. Watching passion grow in someone is a tremendous experience. 

So what is the next step? 

Well, I plan on looking  for more teaching/hoop jam locations and expanding things on that front. Possibly more markets and workshops as well. It's really all thinking aloud at this point. I will have to get used to a new hoop space - though, I must say, we will finally live somewhere with ceilings taller than myself which will be a dream during those long winter hoop months. (And, really... in general.)

I have moved so many times. So, so many times. Finally I feel like I am moving into a home instead of into a space. Somewhere that I can get cozy and make my own - it is something that I feel is often taken for granted by folks who have lived in the same place for years or grown up in a home since they were little. I can't imagine that level of stability and am extremely grateful for the massive amount of experience I was able to get by living with so many different people and places - but, a bit of stability would be nice for a change. 

Particularly since, As usual, I am unsure of the exact path life has in store. But, I am still following my passions and moving forward each day. With each new opportunity I ask myself, 'does this get you closer to where you want to be or not' because it can often be deceiving. A short term benefit (i.e., money) can often times mask a greater loss (being 'trapped' on an unhappy path.) 

There will certainly be a lot of changes up and coming. But that is what life is all about, right? You don't get a practice run so there is no use in worrying about what could have gone better or been different. Learn. Listen to yourself, and continue to move forward. 

This move is a step in the right direction and I absolutely can't wait. 

As always, thanks for listening guys. Alright - back to the heavy lifting!

West End Farmers Market
4800 Brenman Park Drive
Alexandria, Virginia

Sunday 9/4 10am-1pm

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jacs said...

I've moved 13 times in 22 years so I understand your desire for stability. I admire your determination to follow your heart and your dreams; they make me want to cast off and follow mine :)
Love and hoops, darling- Jacs