Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New. Home.

Here we are. The move is "over." "Over" in (air) quotation marks (and said with raised eyebrows) to indicate that the process is not really over until a routine is in place. Not until I can walk in, throw my keys on the side table and plop down somewhere comfortable after a long day will I really feel like I am home. Currently, my keys are... on the floor. The couch is made of camp chairs and the most comfortable place to hang out is on the kitchen counter with coffee in hand and feet dangling. It's just like being 10-years old again (though, back then, the coffee was 80% half & half, 15% sugar and 5% coffee.) 

Ah yes, the memories of this place and time are forming already.   

Premature nostalgia aside, I am really enjoying the 'newness' of it all. It's a blank slate, an exciting house-sized art project to personalize and perfect until it feels like home. I guess that's what they mean by laying down roots - finding objects that represent yourself, or an idea of yourself, and buying them so that you see who you are (or want to be) reflected in what you own. Choosing things based on preference and not necessity.  It definitely feels like another step towards adulthood. 

... though, traipsing in the building with dozens of hoops slung over my shoulder while I watch people scurry out in business suits keeps me feeling young.  

This place has passed the all important hoop test - with high ceilings and limited belongings making spinning with a teensy poly pro easy work. Another poly pro bonus is that  there are no colorful marks left on surfaces that are hit with the hoop - not even this pink hoop. With the memory of repainting the ceiling and walls in the old place so fresh, it was a big relief.

I'll miss the old place - we went out with a bang with drinks and ice cream waffles - but I am open to whatever this new experience has to offer. (and more ice cream waffles.)

Hoops sneak their way in to every picture...

I think I am finally accepting that change is life. I've heard it forever... but kept waiting for stable ground. Really, it's always moving - it's just about keeping pace and remembering to look around, smile, and be yourself.


claudiahays said...

ice cream waffles look amazing.

and I demand more photos (maybe a tour) of your new place. fair warning.

Happy and House Poor said...

a la mode! Yessssssss

KymSpins said...

heheheh nom noms indeed. Yes more pics to come!!! it shall happen.. as soon as there is a semblance of order in here... heheh

Shekinah said...

"... though, traipsing in the building with dozens of hoops slung over my shoulder while I watch people scurry out in business suits keeps me feeling young."

LOVE this :D