Sunday, September 4, 2011

West End Farmer's Market 10am-1pm

The West End Farmer's market has been taking place in Alexandria, VA since 2006 and boasts an impressive list of vendors and artists. 

I'll be spinning and selling there today from 10am-1pm in an effort to completely CLEAR my hoop inventory! EVERYTHING MUST GO, as they say. Whether I sell 30 hoops or none, though it should be a blast to get some hoop time in surrounded by some awesome folks!

Food Vendors
  • Vera's Bakery: scones, miniature cheese breads
  • On the Gourmet: meat, milk, ice cream
  • Fresh Joseph's: fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Pearl Teas: ice tea, loose tea
  • Amish Diary Products: cheese, yogurt, eggs, canned goods
  • Penn Farms: Vegetables and herbs
  • Norma's Produce: Vegetables
  • F. J. Medina and Sons: Vegetables, melons and herbs
  • Shamba Farm: Vegetables, fruit, herbs and plants
  • Vera's Bakery: Sweet rolls, muffins, breads, cookies, pastries
  • Great Harvest Bread: Breads, rolls, muffins
  • Eden Good:  Vegan cookies
  • Scamperdoodle: Dog treats, dog tags and nail trimming
  • Marianna's Macarons
  • Guata Java: Coffee and coffee beans
  • Alma's Berries: Fruit, vegetables, squash blossoms and herbs
  • New Family Naturals: vegan & wheat free foods


  • Billie’s Flowers: Fresh cut flowers
  • Roberto's Plants: Herbs, flower and decorative planters
  • Arch Painter: Wreaths, Flower arrangements
  • The House of Glass & Stone: Jewelry
  • Ted Marburg: Woodworking children's toys, mobiles
  • Paper Scissors Fabric Clayjewelry and art
  • Renee Clement: Photos and gifts
  • Sandra Taylor: Children’s Toys, Clothes, Aprons, Soaps
  • Bella Tierra: Ernie Pazmany
  • Rich Blumm:  Thai and Eastern artisans
  • Rod's Knife Sharpening: Sharpen all cutlery, scissors and tools
  • Debra Susan Abbott: Glass Turtle
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, National Capital Area Chapter
  • Truly-Life: soap
  • Mindy Makes: children's clothes
  • BSE Bonsai

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