Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Mondays: Otis Redding

Strongly emotional and powerful songs can create very successful practice sessions! Otis Redding’s fervent sincerity results in bursts of energy, long pleading notes, and slow builds to an emotional apex. These rhythms create the need to move at differing speeds and styles throughout your practice.

Using songs like these is a great way to play with scale throughout your practice. Make the moves you already know big and small as the tone changes by standing and sitting and keeping the hoop close to your body and then extending your limbs when the tone changes.

Try to think that if you video taped your practice and someone watched with the mute button on - they would still have an idea about what kind of song to which you were listening!

Try a Little Tenderness

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

The challenge here is the slow build. Try to match the speed to your practice without losing intensity!

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