Friday, January 7, 2011

New Hooper Conundrum: What’s Next?

So often I hear from new hoopers after they have mastered waist hooping, “What’s Next?” There are SO many tricks out there - and sometimes jumping into something way too complex can sort of kill your hoop mojo. The best way to stay inspired, and progress: build on what you know, have goals, and PRACTICE!

Where to Start: Move with your Hoop!

First you should build on what you know - which, at the very beginning, is waist hooping. So, keep your hoop a’spinning and take small marches and steps from side-to-side. As you march lean back slightly as you lift each foot to feel your low abs engage and help maintain balance. This move will help get you used to keeping the hoop up while your body is moving in space. An added benefit? A pretty awesome low ab workout remember though - this is FUN first and exercise second!

Have goals, but keep them reasonable and helpful! Beating yourself up for not getting something won’t help. Don’t think of success as marching all around town with your hoop spinning - take one or two steps. Then, four, six and so on. Soon you will be walking with your hoop and ready for the next step!

An ambitious way to build on waist hooping.

Where to Start: Your First Trick

Okay Kym, I'm marching with my hoop, but I'd really like to do something... cool. I feel ya. “Wow Factor” tricks are super fun. They take more work and practice - but they are worth it! 
A good trick to learn as you are getting started is ‘the vortex/beam me up.’ Its a great way to remove your hoop from your body to end practice and do something that looks interesting and complex!. 

Vortex with LCD Hoop. 
Pretty Much everything involving a ribbon of lights has some Wow Factor.

I learned from the amazing Caroleeena, who has helped many a hooper learn new tricks with her detailed, clear, and excellent instruction.

(We also get to see her awesome birdie, Mulder, who I love instantly for the X-Files reference.)
Take a look and try it out!

Having trouble? Ask me for help and I am happy to give detailed trouble shooting instruction!

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