Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Hoop Reflections (involving Dogs)

Why do you hoop? Is it the same reason why you started hooping. Though hooping is awesome exercise, I feel like folks who start it to lose weight and then never find a passion beyond that seem to become more frustrated than those who find more connection with the hoop. In one of my teaching journeys I had a student who, no matter what the activity, always asked - and what will this work? Will this get rid of my hips? Will my arms stop jiggling?

It was difficult. I wanted to say - no your hips will stay put! They help keep the hoop spinning. Keep going and you may find that you dont mind them so much. Hooping should help you find and embrace who you are, not be a force for disguise.

Acceptance is an amazing thing. People have often said that they can’t do this or that move because they “have too many curves” or “that hoop is so small that i could wear it as a belt,” “it’ll get stuck.” etc. Okay. So why not try it out and find your way of doing this. I think few of us have something that we don't, now and again, wish was different. But whenever I find myself going there, I actually start thinking about dogs. 
I know. 

But yes, dogs. I think. What if I was born a dachshund, with a long slinky torso and short legs. (wait, this is pretty close to me...hmmm). Would i stare longingly at a large poodle’s curly fur, and long legs? Would I always wear big giant shoes, a fuzzy wig - ? No. Because I was born a dachshund, not a poodle. It may sound crazy - but humans somehow think that even if they were born a dachshund, they must look like a poodle. Why? We are all human, but the sizes, shapes, personalities - they are different.

Find your style. Embrace your level. Keep trying - but be you! Somehow, the hoop has helped me to do this. This is just my style. Don’t be afraid of yours. Find it. Look for it. Be yourself. Be inspired and find your passion.

Find your style and embrace what works for you!

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