Friday, February 4, 2011

Why Become a Full Time Hooper?

 After I left school and moved away, I got a job in admin, as do many 20-something college grads. It was a fine job, with wonderful people. But it consumed me – even though I didn't see it as a career track. I tried to think of it as funding my hobbies, but I felt too tired and drained at the end of each day or week to even think about free time. Then, I realized something about myself: I better do what I love, because I become what I do in spite of myself every time.

And, I love to hoop. Throughout every idea of the future, it was always there, a constant in the background. When I started teaching, I couldn't believe how exhilarated I was after a good class. Finding music, breaking down moves, watching others find the same joy that I did while hooping was such a reward. Did everyone I teach become a hoop convert? Nope. Most don't. Some flat out hate it. It's more of a skill building than a fitness class, which can be frustrating if your expectations aren't set up for that. But, that's okay. For the folks who felt the same way I did, it was wonderful to share. When folks didn't like it, no harm done. 

With hooping, all of the sudden failing didn't seem to be the paralyzing outcome that had haunted me throughout life. It was a process. Just like learning a new move, making it a career is one step, two steps and eventually reaching the goal.

That's where I am now. I am not all the way across the path, but I am making it one step at a time. If anything I do can inspire folks, not only to hoop, discover a new song or move, but to live passionately – well, then I feel like it's been a success.   
This is the one and only time that I will experience this life. Why waste most of it on something that I don't love? In a few months or years from now, if I change my mind or path, then that is what will come. But, I want this – this is my dream and I will always look back and say, “I tried, and for that, I am glad.” Happiness isn't shameful, optimism isn't silly, and reaching for your goals – even the crazy ones – is the only way to live your dreams. That is what I aim to do, and that is why I am a full-time hooper.

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justin said...

I still fully intend on taking one of your classes on one of my visits to DC to see my friend. I am even inspired by what I just read. Glad you are making it work.