Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 5: Inspirational Hoopers

I love lists. 
I am going to be doing Top 5 lists now and again for many hoop related goodies and where better to start than those hoopers who first inspired me! Even if you skip the James Lipton-esque descriptions - check out the moves of these hoopers and they will speak for themselves. 

I love hula-hooping more than life itself.

Chika makes every practice look like the most fun you could ever have. Her videos highlight the process of learning, without editing out every mistake. She takes joy in adding creativity into each session, and back in '07 when I was looking for new moves, I would always be inspired to practice after seeing her ridiculously cheery videos.

Ethereal. Not a word I thought would ever be used to describe hula-hooping, but truly, her movements are seamless and other worldly. She somehow manages to move fast and slow at the same time, an illusion created by her precision of movement and total calm in the hoop. An amazing seamstress as well, the skirt I purchased from her at a Hoop Path event is one of my favorite things to wear when I spin.

He makes hooping look cool for everybody. Seriously, I’ve had student's from 25 to 75 watch a clip of him and all agree: that is how they want to hoop. He pioneered Hoop Path to bring his style to others, serving as a kind and inspiring teacher throughout the country.

Starting like everyone else, with a few YouTube videos of her hooping at home, she has now created a Hoop EMPIRE. Workshops, classes, tutorials, a clothing line and - the most effective social networking site for hoopers - are all to her credit. 
She is most inspiring as a teacher, with any trick you want broken down perfectly in her tutorials. They explain everything step-by-step... in slow motion... and with written directions. I've improved as a teacher and a hooper thanks to Safire - and I can only look forward to what she comes up with next!

Sustained spinning is my favorite hoop style and she always brings something new and insanely beautiful to the stage. I never, never get tired of watching her videos and drawing new ideas out of each. Seriously, is she using magic? How is someone this good. She's stayed at my top spot since the beginning. Gorgeous!

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