Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disco Go Hoop Rolls!

I want to be able to do this.
Today is the day that I hopefully break out of my movement limbo.

I am so excited for Tina B's Disco Go Hoop Rolls workshop this afternoon! Yeah chest rolls and back rolls - here I come! Workshops offer such a different experience than learning at home because they have such directed focus and one-on-one breakdowns of moves. Many times I wouldn't even notice that my body was doing  something quite different than what I intended - which can lead to (extreme) frustration. That's why I always tell hoopers to take any workshops they can! 

No one is too advanced to too new to take a workshop! There are lots and lots from which to choose and something is sure to strike your fancy.

If you are in the DC/VA/MD area then check the Hoop Dance DC Calendar
If not, there is a page of hooping events on hoopcity 
as well as a Hoop Group breakdown on that has regional groups with events within those categories.

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