Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Review

I update fanatically. I am fairly certain it's giving me carpal tunnel. (It's worth it.)
Anyway...Here are the things you may have missed this week:


If you didn't see Mister Rogers Break dancing, you missed out. Just trust me on this one.

The redesign of is complete! If you haven't seen the beautiful photo gallery of images, please check it out. Art hoops, anniversary hoops, hoops and high heels - it's all there...

These pictures show that fitness comes in ALL sizes, no matter what magazines tell you.

Learn how to make an extra grippy (awesome looking) hoop.


Hmm, never thought I'd want a pair of tribal print tights. I was wrong.

Make yourself a rainbow hoop using a LOT less time and tape! (And it's so pretty...!)
Finally got that trick? Now What? You are in Movement Limbo



Shannon said...

I love this review idea! I might steal it, especially when I'm being very update-y.

And I'm really glad cause that superhooper link you linked might help me transition better which is what I was lamenting about in one of my recent blog posts.

KymSpins said...

YAY! I loved that superhooper post - such a good idea! Steal way! I update SO often I thought it was in order, haha :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, I appreciated this too! If I miss a day checking blog updates, I feel like I can't keep up cuz you have like ten entries a day, hehe. ;) I end up missing the odd one here and there - and I don't want to!

KymSpins said...

hahah you are the best, Shekinah - im glad you like it. I just find so much inspiration everywhere I have loads and loads I want to post :)