Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lazy Hooper's Rainbow Hoop

I finally decided to make a hoop for myself instead of using whichever ones didn't sell! 

I have always loved rainbow hoops, but I don't like amount of time it takes to properly tape one, how much tape it uses, and all the extra weight it adds. So I used the same method that I did here to make a rainbow hoop that's grippy yet lightweight and barely uses any tape at all. 

Also, it looks like a kaleidescope when spinning - there is really no downside.


- C. said...

i'm serious. i want one.
also, gorgeous pics as per the usu....
little lazy rainbow minis, mmmmm

KymSpins said...

hey that is a good idea! and it would be pretty simple. Want me to make these for you and keep the orange ones?