Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's not just for the abs. It's for the stomach, too.

Alright, so this is not going to be glamorous - but it is very true.

You know hooping is more fun
than this stuff
There is another benefit to hooping besides all the cool stuff like awesome moves and a great community. It can also help your digestion. Yes, digestion. All those gross images you are conjuring up are exactly what I mean.

If you have ever struggled with any type of digestive problem you know that it upsets your entire life. It's unpredictable, uncomfortable, embarrassing and unless the folks around you understand - it's hard for them to keep from getting frustrated with someone who always has "tummy problems." It may feel like the LAST thing you want to do when in pain, but going and doing gentle waist hooping for a few minutes can really offer relief quickly.

It's also worth noting that if you hoop regularly, it can help prevent the problems in the first place. A bonus, because if you are out somewhere and start feeling the pain it's unlikely that you will have your hoop (or space) to rock out with it while hanging with your buds. (Though, that would probably be awesome.)

Video and link to detailed article after the jump.

Waist-Hooping and Digestive Health with Jocelyn Gordon from Jaguar Mary on Vimeo.

Look there's even a video! Luckily- the amazing Jocelyn Gordon can make anything seem graceful. Even detailed descriptions of how the hoop can help things.

There is a good article about with more detail about these effects. Do try to get over the grossness of the title and give it a read. And if you know someone who struggles with these things - please let them know! It is a horrible way to live and if hooping can help, why not give it a whirl? (oh puns, I will forever love you.) 

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