Friday, March 18, 2011

How Am I Not Myself?

Have you ever found yourself pretending to like or think something that you don't. Of course. But we hope these things will happen only when necessary - like making a good impression on your new boss or with the in-laws. When it happens in the hoop community it can be very off putting.

These can mean something different to everyone

The reason I say this is because more than once I have had hoopers say to me that they love the hoop - but they wish all the spiritual stuff would just stay out during workshops or events. 

The hoop is a very transformational tool. I have absolutely no doubt that it has changed my life. And with so many events and workshops from which to choose, people can self select into the group that best suits them up to a point. But I think that, particularly when new, it can be hard navigate the different schools of thought, and to see a hoop as something even remotely spiritual. I mean, this started as a toy. What if someone said that toy trains changed their life? (And you know what - maybe they did.) It may or may not be true, but to a new collector it could be off putting and intimidating - and - even come off as a bit batty.

You never want someone to feel like they are doing something ‘wrong’ simply because their experience with the hoop is different. I think the most important thing is honesty. There is no right or wrong. If the hoop changed your life and in your practice it is important to recognize the spiritual power of the circle and spinning - go for it! If hooping is just a fun exercise for you - totally fine. 

Just take a moment to be mindful of the group you are teaching or the folks with whom you are spinning. Ask others how they feel about hooping. Hearing and being understanding of others opinions doesn’t have to change yours, but it will create a more open and honest atmosphere if everyones viewpoint is honored.

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