Monday, March 28, 2011

Help Me Hooping Idol

If you have been on the past few weeks you know that the Hooping Idol contest is taking place, wherein hoopers submit videos on a theme each week and are judged by a panel. I sat this one out, but there are some great hoopers in the mix!

While I was watching this week's "Flow" entries I was thinking what perfect timing it is to have such great material to review when thinking about my own foray into choreography. 

Check out the thread here

When watching ask yourself:
  1. What about this video do I like?
  2. Does it hold my interest? Why? Why Not?
  3. What would I change? 
  4. How can I incorporate things I like into my style?
It's so easy to watch a million videos and still not enact new things into your practice. Really take a sec to think about how you feel about the video and why. Flesh things out and then get up and try your own! I already have a few ideas after watching this morning...

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