Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HOLY CRAP MAT PLENDL! (yes I'm shouting)

Please watch this.

Mat Plendl has been around doing his ridiculously fast, impressive and funny hula hoop act since the 80's but, until today I had never heard of him.His showmanship is some of the most impressive I have seen. Funny, engaging, charismatic and a total BEAST with those hoops! He is awesome  - but, unless I am WAY out of the loop in this one - not really a well known figure in the current hooping scene.

The sock suspenders make me think of the wonderful  "Gotta Hoop" video - currently at almost 68,000 views on youtube, while this is closer to only 5,000 even though Mr. Plendl has been around for some time. If the hoop community doesn't already know about it - hopefully this helps push it in the right direction.


Shannon said...

I think I understand why you are yelling. He is amazing and doesn't bore me to shreds like some performers do.

Looking at his guest spots on the old shows from the 70s, it just goes to show us that other people have been doing some of the tricks we do.

Christina said...

Whoa! What a performance, the finale was just incredible. When can I see a video of you doing some of those one legged moves? I know you have it in you!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the one he did when he was a KID?! He has been doing this for almost his whole life it seems. He was amazing back then, and you can tell his skill is the same now, just refined to the max.

KymSpins said...

yay! i am so glad ppl were as blown away as I was!
@ Shannon - YES - I <3 the hoop - but I usu cant get through a whole video. My eyes were glued here!

@ christina -hehe! I am glad you have faith in me! something like THIS guy may be in the distant future but I am going to build to it!

@shekinah - too insane. When i saw that he had been around forever and I hadn't heard of him I was stunned!