Sunday, March 27, 2011

I just want to learn the worm

Hooping, for better or for worse, has given me the confidence to learn other styles of movement and dance. While it is my dream to be an amazing break dancer who can do a my own version of the epic dance scene from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (who's with me?) I would really settle for mastering any of these moves:

(teacher = half funny, half "please stop acting and just teach me the worm please")

I did learn to moonwalk from YouTube so I have faith. Am I the only one nursing somewhat delusional dreams of break (or other types of) dancing greatness? And if so, who will join me in my amazing Romy and Michele dance number? 

Have you wanted to try to move in different ways inspired by groovin' with your hoop? 


- C. said...

Obviously, I'm with you on the dance scene!!!
Also - I can already do the freeze, so I'm qualified-ish.
Let's get some Romy/Michelle inspired gear and get started.

KymSpins said...

must learn freeze. MUST LEARN WORM.

Shannon said...

I always think of Romy and Michelle when I hear that one song.

I have always wanted to learn bellydance and hooping is going to give me the confidence. I mean if I was able to go to a hooping class with all my failure, then surely I could go to a bellydance class! I just have to wait for money flow.