Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Voice Above the Rest

"i appreciate criticism. and i can understand how viewers can get bored. which is fine.
i cant please everyone. and it would be a shame if that was my sole purpose.
i have my reasons. my search. my process.
and i admit. it is stubbornly single-minded. but that is my drive and aim to all this.
all the girls i paint, is one girl. she is on my mind always. and nothing will make me stray from that."

This is a quote from the artist Audrey Kawasaki who, I assume, was responding to criticism over the similarity across her work. This poster is a composite of the faces across many of her paintings.
All I could think when I saw this was: haters = what. everrrrrr. Be confident in your style and yourself. Everyone will have their own opinions and they'll ALL let you know 'em - which is totally cool - just remember: It's not personal. 
I love that she appreciates what others have to say, and still does her (beautiful) work as she sees fit. Listen to your own opinion first. 

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