Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Isolation Sequence Tutorial

Perfect week for a sequence video! I am still working on figuring out how on earth people choreograph routines (whenever the music comes on, I just want to move however I am feeling...) and this isolation tutorial is a great template. 

She presents the moves well and then ties everything together at the end. Using music to make the timing more dramatic makes everything seem complete and polished. I love good hoop tutorials. There is a ton more from HoopLovers here:

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Shannon said...

I'm kinda opposite. When I'm driving, I hear music and go, "omg, the vortex would be great here and the transition to fast waisthooping and then smear and etc etc etc.." If only I could get to the point where I can actually do half the things I think of when I hear music. Even though I can execute the moves, I can't transition/do them fast enough to fit most of the songs that I choreograph in my head. With practice will come smoothness.

How I do it is fit the feeling of the move with the music.