Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 30th: Art Carnage

 Art Carnage is a monthly event that takes place at the Soundry in Vienna, Virginia. 

Art Carnage is a chaotic collision of indie artists and performers who come together the last Saturday of every month for 4 hours of non-stop creative action.  Carnage attendees will experience live music, belly dancing, improv, poetry, burlesque, live painting, performance art, hooping, comedy, rap, spoken word as well as the unplanned and unexpected.  Its practically a surreal experience.

I went as an audience member last month - and it was definitely surreal. At one point there was a mummy coming to life as someone read from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. That was... weird.  Especially bookened with stand-up comedy and singer songwriter showcases. Hula hooping will fit right in.

Here are some photos from that evening

PBR Clock, of course.
Cool kids know about (old) internet memes
Nothing is complete without octopus art
Drawing on a sheet. The sheet had a man under it.
While a cello payed. (I don't know.)
Tool for writing on the dead.
Anyway, Saturday April 30th I am going to be in Art Carnage: Urban Version as a participant! Seems like it's going to be a pretty dern good time. I can't wait to get up there and get my hoop on!  I am sure I will have tales to tell after it all goes down - hopefully none involving flying hoop and audience injuries. Haha...

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