Friday, April 29, 2011

Workin' That Fire Hoop in Some Very Stripey Pants.

So often fire hooping can look...well, a bit dull. It seems like folks get baffled about what to do and where to go since (ya know) their hoop is covered in fire. Nick totally brings it in this fire performance, keeping the moves interesting and dynamic by changing the speed, plane and style of his moves throughout!

This time around Hooping Idol gave the entries a few parameters to follow (the song, color scheme and not allowing edits) so you can really focus on the best part - the hooping. I'll admit, I haven't been following - so I am not sure what the other entries are yet, but, I know this one was a treat! 

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Anonymous said...

WOW- no fear at all. I gotta go hunt down the other entries- I almost forgot today is their deadline! Woohoo!