Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Review 4/30/11

Let's roll around naked on glass! With cotton candy! And hoops!  Or maybe just watch? I promise it was entertaining.


FANCY HOOP MOVE ALERT! Seriously, I will admit I haven't tried it yet - but, it looks so awesome. And good directions, to boot? Oh yes.

Photo real. Pencil drawn. Some times you need inspiration beyond the hoop world, and artist Esra Roise delivers.

Boo. The internet's cutest dog. And Wednesday's Daily Happy.


Vintage Hoopalicious still delivers. Is there anyone who makes it look as effortless as she does? 

After making a batch of beginner hoops to sell, I couldn't help but sample the merchandise. My body missed you, you big ol' hoops!

Need something new to listen to this weekend? Omega Dubstep is the perfect new hoop music.

Five hula hoop world records is just a drop in the bucket for Ashrita Furman, holder of 120 world record titles. But, with records like "running the longest with a milk bottle on your head (while hula hooping), I am not sure if he had any competition.

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