Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Don't.

I was browsing the internets look for some hoop clothes (as per the usu.) when I came across these: 

Brand new shoes. Made to look old. Hmmm...does that dirt have GOLD mixed in? 
It must because the price = $42.00
What. The. HELL? WHO buys shoes that look old for $50 w/ shipping and fees. 

Alternative method
Step 1: buy black sneakers for $9. I actually own these and they are my 
ALL TIME favorite hoop shoes. 
(They give you support while still molding to your foot like a dance shoe. 
Closest thing to hooping barefoot that I have tried, without all the slippery straps that sandals have.)
Step 2: Wear sneakers outside. 
Step 3: That's it! I just magically created REAL LIFE dirty shoes!

....okay. Shoe rage over. 

(And seriously, I could never hoop right with shoes on before 
I bought those lil' black ones. Best $9 I ever spent.)

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