Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday: Tegan and Sara

I've had a pretty big crush on Tegan and Sara for many years now, but I recently rediscovered them when I was letting pandora whine on in the background during a chill out practice. It's tons o' fun to just hit play and then challenge myself to get into the rhythm of whatever song comes on next. If I can't, it's the perfect time for learning/practicing new moves since I don't have a rhythm to break, making experimentation easier. Yeah, it's pretty much win - win.

Speaking of WIN:
the plant makes this picture

Go here for their webbysite

I was going to embed some videos, but I can't stand the thought of those freaking ads playing on the site before the songs. (UGH. I don't care about SUPER FANTASTIC FLASH LASH BLAST MASCARA! It's just eye goop.) Why do you have to be lame and stuff, YouTube. Oh, well. I still need you. 

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