Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday: Bass From Above

The music in my last two videos has been from this album. From the website they describe the project as: 

"The first in a series of all-original exclusive compilation albums from SubSynthesis & GlitchDrop brought to you by all our favorite electronic artists and mastered by the Master himself (Bil Bless). 

All proceeds of Bass From Above (Between March 20 and April 30) were donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross to support our disaster relief efforts there and to benefit all of those affected by the earthquake and tsunami throughout the Pacific. This is an extraordinarily charitable and generous cause and I hope everyone that enjoys the album will consider helping with the dire situation in Japan!"

Pretty rad, right? AND guess what? You can name your own price for the album when you buy it online. This has quickly become my  go-to for hoop practice because the music is great, the beats change up often so I never get bored AND (drum roll) YOUTUBE can't rip the music off of your videos! Hooray! 

Check it out here. Every track can be previewed before you buy anything. Enjoy!

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