Monday, May 23, 2011

Trying Out Some New Things

Ah, the hoop rest this weekend definitely paid off. Seriously, is there anything better than ordering take-out and watching movies ALL DAY? (No.) Here is what I watched, for no particular reason other than my recommendations for the next time you are browsing Netflix for longer than you are actually watching a movie. (That can't just be me, right?)

After all that vegging, I felt BEYOND ready to hoop this morning. I have a ritual before any 'big hoop day;' I clean my whole house. Is that weird? I don't know - I just always feel better when everything is clean before I start hooping. Hmm. Just another TOTALLY NORMAL thing I do.  

Anyway, here is the practice from today. Just goofing off and trying a few new things.


Shannon said...

I'm sure John wants to to develop this ritual before I hoop

KymSpins said...

bhwahaha. it IS handy. of course, you haven't seen my "house." It's certainly smaller than the yard - and only has one - well, two, real rooms. :)