Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from the Path

Home from Hoop Path. 

I am showing off my strangely placed bruises and hard earned calluses as I ramble on, incoherent and sleep deprived, about what was an unequivocally wonderful experience. Everything new that I learned I am practicing in my mind, as my body will no longer allow it. Nor, I am unfortunately remembering, will my home hoop space. Tomorrow brings photo sorting and internet scavenging during hours of reflection and caffeine.  Hopefully after which I will have produced an organized description of all that was learned, experienced and discovered. 

What a beautiful shenanigan-laden and rum-soaked adventure it was. I can't wait to share. 


Anonymous said...

Ooooo sounds marvelous! And what is that little tag with your name on it?!! I love it!

KymSpins said...

Those were the name tags we were all given during the event to make getting to know everyone easier. I am not from Gainsville but I thought that was pretty funny and love the redesigned tree logo this year :)

claudiahays said...

I was trying to show that behind-the-back reversal to ze trey last evening and my whole body just lurched in pain. Oh 3-day hoop retreat + crazy amounts of drive time, how you fuck up my body like a champ. pfft.

Am hoping today will prove less painful. Gonna hoop regardless though. It's how we do, no?

KymSpins said...

YES! I showed a horrifyingly bastardized version of the same thing to Will and was trying not to be too depressed when my hoop hit every conceivable surface in my house. And my back cramped up with knots.

Will I be hooping today though - hells yeah. Can't forget anything!!!!