Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hoop Path V: In Pictures (It's a Start)

I have so many more that I love. I can't take credit for the large group shot - photo credit here. 

1) We start off with the lovely dangling decor of Claudia's  car - complete with mini hoop and snipped piece of poly pro. We must carry the love where ever we go, yes?  I was lucky enough to get my own mini hoop from Hoop Path this time around and am considering blatantly copying the idea. 

 2) The group shot is from the second day of workshops when the group, only showing half the over 100 hoopers in attendance, followed Baxter  through some core warm ups while blindfolded. "Going blind" is something that always gets an eyebrow raise when I talk about it with other folks, even other hoopers - but knowing that you aren't seen makes it possible to open up completely without worrying about that constant buzzing of perception. Cover your eyes and get lost in the sway. 
Where does your body want to go? 

3 - 4) It was all poly pro for us. Gone are the days of 'looks' replaced by the joy of feeling. 

5) Day one - in the dark. After the 4 hour workshop on Friday there was a 'mingle' in the dark - wherein the group starts walking in a circle while music blasts and we all try to interact with each other as much as possible while continuing the circle and the spinning. 

6 - 10) The ceremony at Beth's house. Fire dancing, the most cutting edge LED's and a hundred hoopers in the backyard of the most remote country hideaway of which someone could dream  made for a night that is insufficiently described as 'surreal.'

11 - 24) The hooper's ball. The final night was a time for breaking the structure of classes and workshops and getting dressed up, and lost in a sea of swirling colors on the the dance floor (and beyond.)


Further updates and reflections to come. I am sure more pictures will follow as well. There were cameras flashing all around while I was busy sweating and learning with my hoop. I only wish people were as fanatical about posting as myself.


Happy and House Poor said...

Awesome adventure! Hoop magic!

KymSpins said...

Such an adventure indeed. I am still sorting and scanning and scavenging for more.

claudiahays said...

I want then to be now again. prettypretty please?

KymSpins said...

ditto x 10. I am willing myself to get up and go out back to try everything new... but i am a little depressed to be in my back yard and not at HPV

Anonymous said...

I love everything about these pictures, and especially how awesome your hair turned out!! I keep scouring the internet for photos from Spin Out, because it was so wet I didn't bother bringing my camera around. But someone had to... why don't they post!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

Wait.. what is this.... no more having to type in the code before posting comment? HURRAY!! Now I won't feel so silly writing one word comments and then having to wait for the page to load... and then type the code which is longer than my comment... then wait again for it to load.. hehe. ;)

KymSpins said...

yes I finally took that off - Ive been meaning to forever - i always thought it was annoying. yay! thanks for the hair. find peektures :)

Lee S said...

Such beautiful memories!

KymSpins said...

Agreed :) (and lookie, I changed the commenting fer ya. SO glad you said something! <3)