Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello Boston

Welp, here I am in good ol' Boston. My lovely sister Cyndi tells me that I remind her of my ... distaste... for Boston a little too frequently, but I contend that it's only when she asks me to move up here. There is something about being chronically cold and rainy that is (oddly) a little too reminiscent of my Florida days when it was always too hot and sunny. I like having options. 

Right now, however, the very bestest of options is to enjoy many a cold beverage while doing last minute planning for Hoop Fest. is telling me that if anything, only Thursday should bring the rain in Maine and I am going to optimistically let myself believe them. 

Still - a tarp, rain boots, and lots of Ziploc gallon bags are certainly on the list of things needed for today. I think I will bustle through the holiday crowds a bit later though. Cyndi tells me there is a slice of rooftop somewhere around here that we could easily climb up to for a secret rooftop hoop jam. Sounds like paradise to me. 

Happy holidays to those celebrating today. Have a drink and try and remember your cursive while you write your name in the air with a sparkler. (Tradition.)

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