Monday, August 29, 2011


Sufjan Stevens. As if I didn't already love you enough. 

Sufjan created a comic book called "Hooper Heroes" about "three extra-terrestrial superhero sisters and their use of hula-hoops to combat the "the Messiah of Civic Projects," Captain Moses. The comic book is written by Stevens and gorgeously drawn, colored, and inked by longtime friend and collaborator Stephen Halker."  I posted about it months and months ago and am stoked that, thanks to hiptronic hoops I just saw all of this sweet new Hooper Heros merch on the Asthmatic Kitty Records site.

Sufjan Stevens is proud to present The BQE, a cinematic suite inspired by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Hula-Hoop. Commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), The BQE was originally performed in the Howard Gilman Opera House in celebration of the 25th anniversary Next Wave Festival in October of 2007.

The BQE is an experiment in multi-media. Sufjan wanted to present it in as many forms and methods as we could muster, which ended up being quite a lot. We made this page to keep track of it all. To read more about the release of The BQE click here

Pretty. Sweet. 
You can also get hooper hero shirts and posters. Which, judging by this one - I don't think I even need to know what's going on to want one... 

Hoopers here to SAVE THE DAAAAY! That is all. 


claudiahays said...

I've been wanting this comic since forever. afraid it might be horrible though. still should go ahead and check it out, no?

KymSpins said...

I know!!! I am also afraid that it may ... well, suck. BUT sufjan is pretty good at making quality thingssss sooo I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

also. Hooper posters. I mean, WIN.

claudiahays said...

idea: we should make our own hoop posters. with costumes and brightly colored hoops and lightning bolts.

yea, let that sink in for a minute....

- C. said...

PLEASE DO THIS. it really needs to happen. mmhmm.lightning bolts.

KymSpins said...

I want a hoop poster.
... and a big poster... of myself... in my house. bwhahaha.
but seriously I would SO be up for making hoop posters aww yeahhh! IN !!!