Monday, August 29, 2011

Pink Hurricanes and Hula Hoops

Hurricane weekend. 
I am from Florida so I didn't know that watching the wall-to-wall coverage of a hurricane could be enjoyable - and for the most part, it's not - until you make up a drinking game to play with the insipid and redundant coverage. "Flooding" - drink, picture of a boat - drink, "We seemed to have lost our connection" - drink, Guy in poncho in the rain - drink. You get the picture. 

The only damage we suffered were a few hours without power, lots of rain, and a tree that fell over in the yard. Upon closer inspection I thought the tree looked like chicken. I almost got some ketchup and a fork for the picture - but really, that's overkill (right?)

The very last of my birthday goodies came in today, which was this wonderful Barbie shirt from Hells. YES. Sleeveless and super light it is amazing hoop wear. 
I brought out the hoops and my last bday balloon to get one of what will be my final sessions in this glorious yard. This upcoming weekend is moving time. 

How did it get here so soon? 


claudiahays said...

did the hurricane feel a bit nostalgic to you? I feel like it might. I miss hurricane days (sans all that wretched aftermath shenanigans).

*love* your birthday wares. and your photos. and you. so lovely.

KymSpins said...

danke danke!
yes... hurricane coverage and all that.. well, i was pretty used to the whole thing. Thanks Florida!

new shirt = win