Monday, August 22, 2011

Jumbled Colors/Surreal Memories: Birthday Weekend [!!!]

Currently, I am laying down in the awesome bed-fort that still stands. 
The strings of lights are hanging a bit lower, the sheets are tangled and messy and a few white and pink balloons can be seen deflating slowly underneath pillows and blankets. 
Simple props, made important by memory

The weekend began with a bang as Cyndi and I excitedly scavenged all needed supplies for fort building, cake making, wine drinking and non stop revelry. Balloons, oh yes - we need balloons. Glow in the dark bracelets? Absolutely. Plastic wine flutes for added class, several feet of twinkling lights, champagne? Put them all in the cart.  

After putting up the structural support we got to the fun part - decor.  We added the LED hoop for extra lighting, and the new vintage hoop went too well with the color scheme not to be involved. The 3D printed mini hoops were clasped to the lights to further the theme and it was completed with mountains of pillows and balloons and stick-on letters perfect for acerbic birthday wishes. 
(Are there any other kind?)

It was then time for wine and conversation along with my favorite party game for horrible people.
All that fort building and witticism was exhausting and we left the cake bakery for day two. 

Sooooo... RAINBOW CAKE OWNS!  All we needed were five cake tins, one box of white cake mix, food coloring, funfetti frosting and vanilla pudding. We alternated the layers of frosting and pudding to cut some of the sweetness and man-oh-man was that some DEEEELICIOUS cake.
Rainbow flavored joy.

Throughout all of this I also got to dog sit my landlord's sweet silky terrier, which was certainly a birthday treat, and I received a surprise hot pink 29" polypro on Saturday. Sunday was pure recovery. A few spins and turns with the new hoop-but largely a day of lazing before leaving the surreal and care-free weekend world. 

All in all, I must say it was one of the best birthday's to date. 
The past several have been horrifically bad, and I had almost decided that birthday celebrations were over with. But I am so glad I questioned that motive. In my view, you only get one life to live - if you don't create the memories, who will? It is important to celebrate life, no matter what age. This year I stopped taking things for granted and finally made what I wanted to happen - happen. 
The older I seem to get the less I care, and the more fun I have. 

A fact that bodes well for next year, and those that follow. 
Happy birthday indeed.  


claudiahays said...

ohmygod so much amazingness. cannot handle. first off, congrats on amazing rainbow cake of joy. pretty impressed. yep. and the fort?! and the hoops everywhere?! so much excitement. so much loveliness.

annnndddd - pink polypro hoop?!!?? it is perfect for yous. so perfect. what size is it?? looked so small and lovely - can't wait to (one day) see it in person. yepp.

Anonymous said...

Your birthday looks amazing. I'm making myself a rainbow cake now! Well, in September. My birthday's the 10th. Happy, happy birthday Kym!

KymSpins said...


all caps means its serious :p