Friday, August 19, 2011

Lady Moonseed "Growth"

Shayla Patton (Lady Moonseed) enjoys a chill hoop session as the cars pass. 

I am digging her really beautiful and fluid movements - as if she is completely at ease. I suppose the best description I have for this is unhurried; which, is a pretty impressive thing when everyone seems to be in a constant scurry. Why do we rush to make it appear that we are important - or even just normal. Did you ever notice how people who seem extremely relaxed can be off putting? Like, what's up with you that you aren't as worried as the rest of us? DONT YOU HAVE A PLAN!? 

Welp. I may be projecting a bit...
Quarter life crisis? Maybe.  But I just wouldn't be me if I didn't watch a hoop video and pontificate wildly. This may the oldest I have ever been (obviously) but I am still young enough to think I am right too much of the time. 

AND... young enough to hang in a fort with jelly bracelets and rainbow cake. The fort is constructed (and wonderful) and we are giving the cake a whirl today. Wish us luck... oh will we need it.


claudiahays said...

you should try to make the cake out of actual rainbows. then I'll be real impressed. I've always wanted to know what spectrums of light tasted like.

and, yea, for people who enjoy planning so goddamned much, I enjoy your PLAN for not planning. think it's a good one. go do it. <3

Lee S. said...

This is my new favorite video! I, too, loved the unhurriedness of her movements. Good luck with the cake :)

KymSpins said...

hehehehe... seriously.... I am addicted to planning. I do it subconsciously when I am trying to be a "relaxed" person.

the cake was pure win (pics to come) but now I can't help but think how much more epic it could have been if made of real rainbows.