Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo Diary: Carry the Stars with You

Photos from today and a few yesterday's ago. 

This morning I knew I wanted to make something and when I saw the (second to last) picture with stacks of glowing lamps (via tumblr), I was inspired to dig out the strings of lights I had purchased for the birthday fort a bit ago. New spaces are hotbeds of inspiration. 

That being said, the 'new' apartment is clearly only new to me and I love that the old-style door knobs look like the talking door handle from Alice in Wonderland.  
As if I weren't in a whimsical enough mood.

I'll always contend that pretending should be a life long hobby and this morning, with the lights properly strung, I imagined bringing the stars inside with me - to sleep under or gaze upon even if it rained, thanks to some finagling with an antique umbrella.  

Never far from my hoop, I squeezed in a short session after the POP(!) POP(!) of lights blowing out signaled it was time to clean up. There are always more photos of me singing along than not. 

The colorful swingset is from a recent trip to Six Flags. 
Wonder if there is a way to recreate that one at home? 

Oh yes, I think I like it here. 


Anonymous said...

That umbrella looks gorgeous with the lights. Aww. I used to have lights strung around my bedroom back in my apartment days of sharing with room mates. My room always had to be my little sanctuary of "mine". I haven't done it since, although last Christmas we strung them all over the living room and dragged our mattress out from the bedroom to sleep under them. It was so magical. :)

KymSpins said...

It does create such a magical feel, doesn't it. I love it - that sounds beautiful the way you had it! ... and this strange cold weather we are having (at least here) somehow makes it better <3